Oral Surgery

There are many reasons why you may require a tooth extraction. This could be tooth infection, tooth decay, and crowding. If you plan to get  braces, you may require the extraction of one or more teeth to give room for alignment. Another instance that requires tooth extraction is when undergoing chemotherapy, or you are about to undergo an organ transplant. These procedures require the extraction of compromised teeth to keep your mouth healthy.

An oral surgeon or dentist performs tooth extraction, and it’s a quick procedure with anesthesia. Removal of visible teeth is quite easy, while the extraction of broken, impacted, or teeth beneath the surface needs an invasive procedure.

Before the tooth extraction process, you will meet with your dentist and discuss the procedure based on the state of your tooth. You will also discuss the cost to have a tooth extracted. Oral surgery extraction will not cost the same as a simple extraction. Other factors that will determine the cost of tooth extraction include the state of your teeth and the reason for removal. For instance, if your tooth is broken or impacted, it will be charged a higher amount.

At the time of the consultation, the dentist will discuss your medical history. They will ask if you have any health issues or plan to undergo any other treatments to ensure that they apply the correct safety measures.

Before the dentist extracts the tooth, they will numb the region using local anesthesia. Even though the extraction process is not painful, it may have some discomfort.

When it comes to recovery and aftercare, you can do some things to speed it up. For instance, avoid things that irritate or disturb the site of extraction. This assists in blood clotting, and the wound heals faster.

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