CDA Membership Plan

At Chico Dental Arts, we are always looking for ways to make our dental practice better for our wonderful patients. We are very excited to share that effective February 1st, 2022, our dental office will offer an in-office membership plan for our patients.

This program is for patients who do not have a dental benefit plan from their employer or for patients who do not have an individual dental plan. Time and time again we receive calls from patients looking for advise on purchasing dental insurance plans. Ultimately these plans end up having low fee schedules, high out of pocket costs and long wait periods.

This program has:

Choose The Best Pricing Plans

Chico dental arts is offering three types of plans for preventative care to our patients. An adult plan, child plan and periodontal maintenance plan. All plans will cover preventative/routine services for the year at 100%. All other dental procedures will be given a discount of 20%*(see limitations)

Adult Plan

$445 /year

Child Plan

$375 /year

Perio Maintenance Plan

$775 / year